Information Service:




Tendering & Negotiations :

Based on our experience & the selection by the clients / Architects or their consultants we are invited to bid & quote for the electrical & allied works. The competitive rates of various items are invited thereafter from reputed & approved vendors. Further quotes are prepared by our experienced estimation team after comparison of the rates for the items of different makes, to have more economic & competitive offer. Compiled with addition of our margins, considering the overheads, design aspects as per the drawings received, schedule of completion the offer quote is submitted.

In the negotiations round as called by the Clients or their Architects / consultants the various aspects for the price, makes, delivery schedules & other commercial terms are discussed & noted. Further another quote with more competitive pricing re-considering the various inputs as received from the round of negotiations the next offer is submitted

These round of negotiations may continue, depending on the type, nature of work & client. The selection of the vendor for the proposed work is concluded.

Finalization of Contract & start of work :

The commercial terms of the contract are discussed & finalized. Thereafter a work schedule detailing the list of activities along with the completion of the same are shown. The work is started after approval of shop floor drawings from the Architects & electrical consultants. Different makes of material with their samples are put up as a mock up for approval at site. The material required for execution of project as approved is listed out by the project & planning team. The same is also discussed with the project Manager who shall be responsible overall for successfully completion of the project. The material list & schedule as prepared by the team is passed to the procurement team which is headed by the purchase manager & the procurement is controlled considering the schedule of the material as required on site. Costs as per the estimation is negotiated from various vendors by this team considering delivery time lengths with required quality.

Safety Precautions & Quality control :

As the work is started , it is ensured that all the worksmen use correct & reliable tools. Safety gear like safety shoes, helmets and uniform dress as per the company code is observed strictly. All the processes & safety techniques for operations like drilling , welding , cutting of flooring for raceways etc. are done methodically with proper tools & the debris created is disposed as per proper means & at safe & allotted locations. Safety standards for temporary & constructional power are maintained. Proper illumination is provided & various power outlets for other agencies to use their tools too are provided. It is also ensured at site that the welding works are carried out by qualified & authorised welders using proper safety gear like safety eye glasses, hand gloves etc.

For ensuring quality, proper storage of electrical material for site execution has to be done properly. For this a store at site is maintained which is supervised by a qualified & experienced storekeeper. Records of the material as per the required quality is maintained on site & issued for execution for various activities on site. A proper co-ordination is maintained by the store keeper on site & the procurement team at office for correct flow of material. Any discrepancies in material observed at site is immediately brought to the notice of the purchase team & necessary action is taken.

Execution & completion of work :

Authorised licensed wiremen / electricians , semiskilled & helpers are employed for the work. Depending on the time for completion & quantum of work, number of employees required are decided for the various work activities at site. The project manager along with his team of project site engineers, supervisors prepares his plan for execution of the activities. The quality & time for activities are monitored by the execution team as per the bar chart prepared & submitted initially.

Testing & handover :

During the process of execution, the project manager, his team ensures that various on site tests like meggering for confirmation of various insulation of wires , cables , earth continuity & other tests . are done. The electrical panels too are tested at the manufacturer’s workshop / factory along with the electrical consultants or their representatives. The project manager or project engineer witnesses the tests of panels before they are despatched at site for installation.

All other tests after installation & completion of site activities are performed & records of tests are maintained. Necessary reworks if required after the tests are carried out to the satisfaction & handover reports are prepared along with the final bills. The handover documents, final bills are checked & scrutinised by the project team at site in presence of the client’s representative or the Architects / electrical consultants. As built drawings as per the onsite changes & installations carried out are prepared & 3 sets along with a soft copy are forwarded to the client after proper certification from the consultants.

Various snags as per the lists prepared by the client or the architects / consultants is attended before virtual handover of the site.